Tips and Guidelines for secure transactions

Technological advances and modern life have made electronic transactions a key part of our daily lives. As we are turning more to digital channels to meet our needs, there is a rapid increase of online fraud incidents intending to compromise personal data, such as passwords and debit/credit card details.

At COSMOTE Payments, we are particularly sensitive when it comes to the security of our services, therefore we use cutting-edge technology to safeguard your data and transactions. At the same time, we encourage you to be diligent and take security measures to protect your data online.

You may see below some practical tips and guidelines you can follow to protect your transactions, and your device, as well:


✓ Ensure you use strong passwords to access our services. We recommend a password of at least 8 characters in length, with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, number digits and special characters. Try not to use passwords, such as words and numbers that anyone can easily guess (e.g., names, birthdates, etc.).


✓ Change your passwords on a regular basis and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Make sure you manage your passwords securely.


✓ Do not disclose your passwords to anyone. It is recommended that you always log out of your account, particularly if you use a shared device.


✓ Regularly review your account transactions.


✓ Do not open e-mail messages from an unknown (or untrustworthy) source or sender. Check the legitimacy of the sender's email address closely, as fraudsters and malicious users often impersonate a legitimate company or entity.


✓ Do not reply to e-mails or/and sms asking you to disclose your passwords or personal data, such as your account details.


✓ Be cautious when opening attachments, even if they appear to have been sent by someone you know.


✓ Be careful with emails and messages that prompt you to follow a link. Also, do not follow external links posted on social media or other websites. E-mails and sms/text phishing have the same purpose – to steal your personal data (e.g. Username, Password, etc.). These messages often pretend to be originated from legitimate companies, such as COSMOTE Payments, and attempt to trick you into clicking on the malicious link and give out your personal information.


✓ Always access the COSMOTE Payments’ services only via the official website, by typing the URL into the browser, and not through links of other websites or e-mails. Make sure you navigate in the official website of COSMOTE Payments.


✓ Communicate only through the predefined communication channels set by COSMOTE Payments.


✓ The official channels listed on the website are the only sources you should trust for getting information and contacting COSMOTE Payments.


COSMOTE Payments also recommends:


✓ Ensure the security of your devices (e.g. tablets) is maintained at a high level by ensuring they always have the latest security updates.


✓ Secure your device with reliable anti-malware protection programs. Pay attention to signs that indicate that your device is infected by a virus, such as messages from the antivirus program you are using or other unusual messages.


✓ Always use the most up-to-date versions of web browsers.


✓ Avoid using free, public Wi-Fi networks, especially the ones not requiring a password to join. If you cannot avoid connecting to a public Wi-Fi, do not run sensitive transactions over the public network. Always check forget network after using public Wi-Fi.


✓ If your mobile phone stops working for unusual reasons, contact your mobile service provider immediately. Sometimes you may experience issues of network coverage due to wider problems affecting your mobile service. However, if you lose service in an area which, usually, has good network coverage, it is recommended to contact your provider and confirm your SIM card has not been deactivated.


✓ Do not disclose your mobile phone number on social media. Be cautious about how much personal information you share with others.


✓ If you have been a victim of fraud, such as SIM Swapping, Phishing, etc., or have noticed transactions that you have not authorized, immediately inform COSMOTE Payments.


Always remember that:


✓ COSMOTE Payments will never ask for your passwords in any way (by phone, email, or any other means of communication). They are personal and should not be disclosed to anyone.